Term of Use & License

Term of use & License

  • Do not re-upload my Mods or Custom Content (CC) on any other Site
  • Do not share or distribute my Mods or Custom Content without my permission.
  • If you want to share my Mods or CC, please do it by linking to the original article.
  • You can edit my Mods for your personal use only.

My mods for The Sims 4 are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0CC


If you are a translator and want to translate my Mods, feel free to send me your files and I will gladly include them. You will be credited with your name and the link you want. You can contact me on Patreon, Twitter, or on the Discord.

You can share the translation file as you wish, as long as the Mod is not included.

Content Creator

You are allowed to make videos, articles…of my Mods and CCs, as long as you put a link to the corresponding page. So your visitors will always have access to the latest version. Thanks a lot for your sharing ❤️️!