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baker aspiration sims 4

Baker aspiration (Get Famous is required) will prepare your Sim to become a world-famous bakery chef and a bakery owner. But before that… some steps are necessary. Keep in mind that this aspiration takes a long time to complete.

famous pastry chef aspiration sims 4
baker trait sims 4

This aspiration is originally from Xbrettface on Mod the Sims, but not updated for a long time, I decided to redo it from scratch.

baker aspiration sims 4
Some tips to gain fame

If you craft high quality cakes you can sell them to the local bakery. You can also record yourself making pastries and then upload the videos to the video station, you will gain fame and followers. When you reach level 8 from the Culinary Career, you can publish your own cookbook.

You can use my Pastry Lover trait with this aspiration.

About aspirations objective

The Volunteer Bake Sale objective need Parenthood pack. In case you don’t have this pack, you can use Werbesu’s UI Cheats Extension mod to skip this step.

To organize a Fan Meet and Greet event, your Sim must become a 2-stars celebrity. To place a Celebrity Tile you must become a Global Superstar.

famous pastry chef sims 4

For the decoration of my bakery, I used Jomsims cc’s with the famous French baguette, you can grab it here. And the beautiful Baker’s Wall Shelf come from the Cute Clutter pack from 9sims, and the adorable Kawaii Breakfast Set created by Soloriya’s.

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Get Famous & Parenthood Pack

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