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You like gardening? Then take your gloves, your gardening tools and spend good time in the garden.

gardening event sims 4

This Gardening Event (Eco Lifestyle & Seasons is required) can serve for many things. If your garden has been neglected for a long time, this event is the ideal way to restore it to a good state, or if you want to start a new garden from scratch (you must place the seeds previously).

sims 4  gardening

You can invite a maximum of 10 Sims. For example, you may decide to spend the day at home in gardening by inviting 2 friends, organize the event only for your own household with a partner…Or with more Sims to cultivate a larger crop.

If there is no more work to be done in the garden, guest Sims will stop and stand in a corner. This is a normal behavior, not a bug! They wait until there is something to do in the garden. You can always add more plants if you want. Don’t take too many Sims when you have a little garden.

You can garden on the new Community Lot (Eco Lifestyle pack required), or become a Farmer by creating a big crop on your residential lot.

Start the event and let other Sims help you maintain and grow your garden!

About Goals

If your Sim does not have the Gardening Skill, some objectives will not be available, such as Evolve a plant which requires level 2 in Gardening Skill. This is not a problem if your Sim does not have the required level, you can do the event again at any time. In addition, the objects your Sim may earn at the end of the event are all random. Your Sim will easily increase their Gardening skill.

For more informations about Gardening and what can you do at your level see this article from Carl’s Guide.

gardening goaled event

In addition, there are also 2 customs interactions witch boost Gardening skill for the Sims beginning in gardening.

A new menu will be available to complete custom goals of the event. You will find it in the Friendly section. Basegame interactions are also included.

gardening menu sims 4 mod
gardening Event Sims 4

If you are not familiar with permaculture, I recommend to read this post and Heirloom Plant for more informations about.

The Sim will receive new buffs during the event that can be discovered in-game! When you reached the Gold level you will receive a Money Tree plant and rare seeds, and a new buff for 24h duration will be applied to your Sim.

At the end, your Sim will also increase their Gardening, Cooking and Flower Arrangement (or learn it) Skills.

Gardening Event on Community garden Lot. This lot Dirty Planting Garden was created by CrypticRayne66
Complete your experience

You can download more Harvestables to use in your garden such from icemunmun notably. Complete this with her awesome Functional Chicken Coop, and to finish make your own preserves with the must-have Canning Station.

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Eco Lifestyle and Seasons Pack

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