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Tired of using a big Vanity table in your little house? Here is the solution!

With Instant Makeup Mod, you will be able to makeup your Sims instantly (Vintage Glamour pack is required).

All colors in game (not custom content) are available.

You can also remove the makeup. If you use a custom makeup or skin it is possible that the makeup will not be applied, in the same way by remove the current makeup the Sim will find its old CC makeup. It depends on your custom content.

You can keep all objects in your Mods folder if you wish.

Another version of my Instant Makeup mod

You can now click on the Action menu and then Instant Makeup to apply makeup directly on your Sim ! You can use both Mods Object & Sim Menu or just one or the other.

🔹 Mod requirement 🔹


Vintage Glamour Stuff pack

All Instant Makeup objects are located in the clutter section.
Find items easily by typing : Caradriel in the search bar.

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Available languages : 🇫🇷 / 🇬🇧 Other translations are welcome

🇮🇹 Italian (Thanks to xISYx)
🇪🇸 Spanish (Thanks to JeyStiv) Object version only
🇨🇳 Chinese (Thanks to GreenOnionc) SimsMenu only
🇳🇱 Dutch (Thanks to Gothique Simmer)
🇵🇱 Polish (Thanks to Dariaxx)

Check the Mod Status before downloading

Please, before downloading Mod or CC read Term of use (T.O.U).

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