Void Critters Hunt For All Sims

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I was frustrated that adult Sims couldn’t hunt Void Critters at the Kids Festival (Snowy Escape required), so here’s a little mod that unlocks interactions for all Sims from teens to adults.

Adult Sims will also be able to claim the prize
There’s just a little weird thing with the animation when you get the reward, because it’s been done for kids. But no worries, everythings works fine!

🔹 Mod requirement 🔹


Snowy Escape Pack

This mod will conflict with any other mod that modifies these following resources:

EP10_Festivals_AskAboutVoidCritterHunt" s="252718"
EP10_Festivals_Interactions_CheckVoidCritter" s="252720"
EP10_Festivals_ClaimPrize" s="252719"

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